Portuguese Tesla’s fans and owners gather to send a message

Elon Musk are you listening?


Here is the message:

“Today 08/05/2016 we have gathered part of the Portuguese Tesla community at a historic spot in Lisbon, the place from where the Portuguese Navigators sailed to discover New Continents and give New Worlds to the World.

To own a Tesla car in Portugal is an act of madness and passion: the nearest Service Center is at a distance of 1.200 km (twelve hundred km).

Today, with this meeting, we want to call your attention to our country: we are already many and counting, we can and we will be many more and, for that, we need a Tesla Service Center and a Tesla Store!


I hope that Elon Musk gets the message and when he has the time, he should come to this sunny and friendly country for a well deserved vacation. If he comes he should meet with the new Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa that is an electric car’s vocal supporter. Maybe to discuss bigger plans, like an European factory built in Portugal…

Pedro Lima

More than natural resources, are wasted human resources that bothers me the most. That's why I'm a strong advocate of a society based on cooperation, not competition, that helps every individual to reach his full potential so that he can contribute back to society. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".

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