Affordable Citroen C-Zero in Portugal

Citroen C-Zero


The price is 17.490 €.


In Portugal if we want to buy affordable electric cars, one common solution is to buy an used 2011/2012 Peugeot iOn or Citroen C-Zero that was imported from France. These cars in France cost around 8.000 € but in here are sold for about 11.000 € or even more. The biggest disadvantages are that the manufacturer’s warranty is ending and the battery is made with old LEV50 cells.

Even if I think that electric cars with 14,5 kWh batteries should be sold new for less than 15.000 €, paying 17.490 € for a new Citroen C-Zero with the new improved battery (LEV50N) it’s better than paying 11.000 € for a car with the old battery cells and with the warranty ending or already ended.

In the link below you have the dealer’s website that sells the Citroen C-Zero for 17.490 €, in the official Citroen’s website the price is still 31.347,60 €. I hope that this is a sign that Citroen C-Zero will get an official big price drop soon.



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Pedro Lima

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5 Responses

  1. Christian says:

    Citroen is pretty strict concerning the yearly checkups! If you miss one your warranty is gone.

    Don´t be afraid of cell swaps:

  2. sapcmc says:

    Isn’t production of the C-Zero now discontinued ?

  3. Jose Pontes says:

    Olá Pedro, parabéns pelo site, está muito interessante, podemos falar em privado?

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