Model 3 tracker gives a lot of hints for Tesla Motors future

Model 3 tracker


This map shows where Tesla Model 3 reservations are made.


Tesla’s VP Diarmuid O’Connell has this to say about Model’s 3 reservations:

“The Model 3, the car for which the company was really set up to build, exceeded all of our expectations, as far as the rate at which we received reservations. Something approaching 400.000 people have already put down… a thousand dollars to reserve this car.”


Let’s back to the map, what can we see in there?

  1. As expected, the USA Coastal states are Model’s 3 biggest market but Europe is not very far behind, even with many countries lacking service centers, stores and superchargers.
  2. German automakers have reasons to be worried, Germany has a lot of reservations.
  3. With near half a million reservations it’s already clear that Tesla Motors will have to expand production to Europe and China sooner than expected.
  4. South European countries deserve more attention, even with Tesla’s infrastructures being nonexistent there, reservations are still being made.

A lot more we can extrapolate with this map, but what it’s really undeniable is that a factory in USA will not be enough for such high demand.



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  1. Nano says:

    Hola from Spain! Thanks for mentioning the total lack of superchargers in southern europe… Oh, and dont forget We still don’t have a Tesla store, even a spanish Tesla website for gods sake… Not to mention the non existing goverment rebates for e-cars above 32k euros. :/

    Despite al this I know is Going to be a success . Ive preordered mine because i am pretty Sure thinks will change in two years time when the time comes for me to configure my model 3…

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