Mitsubishi tries to relaunch the i-MiEV in France

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Citroen and Peugeot proved that it’s possible to sell more of these electric cars with a simple formula. Put the electric car visible (not hidden) on the website and drop the price.

Mitsubishi is following that successful formula in France and built a dedicated website to sell the i-MiEV with a minor price cut of 1.138 €.

In Mitsubishi’s website the i-MiEV is still advertised with the price of 13.350 € after government incentives. But in the dedicated site you can find the new price, 12.212 € after incentives. Government incentives in France can add up to 10.000 € if you return an old diesel car.

Mitsubishi says this electriQ S (Style) limited edition will only sell 100 units. What will happen after that? Another price drop, range increase and more advertisement in other countries besides France would be nice…



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

This proves they simply do not want to sell BEVs. As an example check the price of clones in Portugal. A total joke and no discounts offered.

5 years ago

Raspberry coloured I-MiEVs available in Portugal! Mitsu is the good guy in this game – I am shure they are loosing money with each sell, because of the expensive Lev50 batteries. Mitsu-Motors went all-in and they lost. The other Mitsu Companys (e.g. MHI) are keeping it alieve, but still no money for a new lancer 🙁

BTW.: I love the alloys in the picture!