BYD e5 300 and BYQ Qin EV300 launched in China

BYD e5 EV300 in white

BYD e5 EV300 in white


The BYD e5 300 is basically a simpler and cheaper Qin EV300.


Both electric cars will share the same drivetrain with a 48 kWh battery and a 160 kW electric motor. Performance wise there will be differences. The top speed is 150 km/h for the Qin EV300 and 130 km/h for the cheaper e5 300. The range is also slightly different, 300 km for the Qin EV300 and 305 km for the e5 300, with 360 km range for city use at constant 60 km/h speed.


BYD Qin EV300


Regarding prices, after Chinese Government incentives the BYD Qin EV300 starts at 150.800 yuan (20.405 €) and ends at 200.800 yuan (27.171 €). While the BYD e5 300 starts at 120.800 yuan (16.346 €) and ends at 140.800 yuan (19.052 €). Both qualify for a total subsidy of 109.000 yuan (14.750 €).

I really think BYD should use aluminum for the car’s moving parts like doors, hood and trunk lid, that only would reduce weight, improve efficiency and performance. Those LiFePO4 batteries are great but heavy.

Looking forward to see it outside China, specially in big markets like Europe and North-America.



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