Tesla Model 3 makes almost every other car look overpriced

Tesla Model 3 in silver

Tesla Model 3 unveiling was a marking stone for the auto industry. Now almost every car we see we’ll compare it to the Model 3 and find it overpriced.



Some important figures to retain:

  • Price starting at $35,000 before any incentive
  • Real world range starting at 215 miles (346 km), probably more
  • 5-Star safety rating in all categories
  • Autopilot safety features
  • Comfortable seating for 5 adults
  • 0-60 mph under 6 seconds
  • Supercharging is standard
  • Has trunk and frunk


Those are standard figures, AWD and bigger batteries will be available as options, but announcing now a faster Model 3 and with more range would be counterproductive since it could take some of the current Model S and X sales. I have no doubt that every Tesla’s car will have 300 EPA miles (483 km) range as option in a near future.

Even if the Model 3 deliveries only start in 2 years, it’s already in many people’s head. The car it’s stunning. Now very few people in their right mind will think in buying a similar priced BMW, Audi or Mercedes that comes with an obsolete engine that works by exploding fossil fuels.

With the Model 3, Tesla’s charging standard will be taken seriously and should be incorporated in every charging station. Tesla super chargers will not be enough for a car that when in full production will sell annually 500.000 units.

The Model 3 shows what can be made when people decide to put enough efforts in building a good electric car. Meanwhile traditional automakers still use old battery tech with very low energy density cells to prove electric cars don’t work…

In just two days more than 232.000 orders were already made. This is crucial to prove that demand for good electric cars exist and also helps to fund Tesla Motors.

Toyota was having a meeting to discus fuel cells when they first saw the Model 3. Here is the spy video with their reaction.



I can imagine similar reactions in BMW, Audi and Mercedes meetings…


Go Tesla!



More info:



Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. Iโ€™m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

Likely in Europe the base model won’t cost less than 41000 EUR and this the basic level.

By adding some additional features likely won’t cost less than 50000 EUR so I think it is still not yet the car for the majority of people.

It is a step in that direction but 500K cars a year is less than 2% of USA auto market as an example.

5 years ago
Reply to  sapcmc

The 500,000 Tesla units is just the start of it. When you add all of the other EVs and PHEVs that will be selling by 2020, it will probably be closer to 5%. Ford, Chevy, BMW, VW, Audi, Toyota and others will have better offerings, with more range and they will be selling at the same price as ICE vehicles.

China alone sold 200,000 units last year. In five years, they could be selling millions of EVs per year just by themselves.

I think 2020 may be the tipping point.

5 years ago

Tesla needs to use car production facilities of other companys to fulfill the demand. I am thinking of NEDCAR for example. Whatยดs with Trollhรคttan and some Opel+Holden facilities? Are there resources in Detroit that could be aquirred ? Start thinking globally! ๐Ÿ˜‰

5 years ago

Does it makes sense to compare the price of a (hopeful) 2018’s ev with that of today’s evs?

Ralf K
5 years ago

>> Supercharging is standard <<

So far we only know that supercharging *hardware* is standard.
But supercharging capability can still be a software option. And whether energy at Superchargers is free (as in beer) at is yet another issue.

5 years ago

Looking like a Porsche just means, it is a cheap pirate design knock off and Tesla has no own ideas.