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Unlike the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), EPA’s fuel economy data is considered reliable and feasible in the real world. Unfortunately EPA uses MPGe for plug-in cars instead of kWh per 100 miles, or Wh per mile.

Since in Europe we are accustomed to use L/100 km in gas cars, let’s use kWh/100 km for the conversion.

We need to convert gallon to kWh and miles to kilometers.

EPA considers that one gallon of gas contains 33,7 kWh worth of energy. For the miles to kilometers conversion we can use the online calculator in the links at the bottom.


Taking the 2016 BMW i3 BEV as an example we have:

124 MPGe combined (city and highway driving).

This means that with 33,7 kWh of electricity we can drive for 199,56 km.

To get kWh per 100 km:

33,7 kWh / 199,56 km x 100 km = 16,89 kWh/100 km


Using the Nissan Leaf 30 kWh as example:

33,7 kWh / 180,24 km x 100 km = 18,7 kWh/100 km


If you want to buy an electric car and don’t know what range in one charge can you expect, it’s a good idea to check the fuel economy data in the links below.



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