BYD Qin EV300 details update

BYD Qin EV300

Confirmed specs:

  1. The 48 kWh battery gives a real 300 km range like the EV300 name suggests
  2. The 160 kW electric motor is good for a 150 km/h top speed and 0-100 km/h in 7,9 seconds
  3. The charging port is located on the front behind the BYD logo
  4. The trunk capacity is 450 liters, which is 150 liters more than the plug-in hybrid version


If the BYD Qin EV300 can get high ratings in European and USA safety tests and the price is right, it can be a very successful electric car in any part of the world. I expect to see this EV arriving USA and Europe first in taxi fleets. Like the BYD e6 did, but with minor success.



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

Make it available for 27000 EUR or less and we have a winner here.

Ralf K
5 years ago

Open issues for the EU/US market and to be really successful worldwide:

– charging interface for Europe / US? The pictures there show the Chinese AC+DC interfaces. In the past, BYD put an Type2, AC, 3p to 40 kW plug on the European e6. No ChaDeMo, no CCS for Europe. Let’s wait and see for Qin EV300.
– It will also need a fair amount og testing with the EU/US slow and quick charge infrastructure as not all power outputs are created equal.
– distribution and service network?
– warranty on battery and drivetrain?
– price?
– safety/crash test results (as stated in the article)?
– production volume for foreign markets and availability?
– reliability?
– weight?
– towing capability?
– availability of driver assistence systems (seems to have none available)?
– US/EU type approval?
– marketing and promotion to establish a brand image better than other Chinese cars?
– stationwagon planned? (absolutely needed for central and western Europe!). Very few buyers are happy with a compact sedan over here and sales figures of compact sedans are low to minimal even as cars with ICE.
– US americans however may be fine with the sedan as it is.

Like it or not, but before getting too enthusiastic, this car has a long way to go to convince buyers in the EU/US market.

BTW: Battery cells are likely 100Ah from the BYD e6 Chinese version / Denza car in a 144s1p configuration.
144* 3.3V * 100 Ah = 47.52 kWh (3.3V due to LiFePo4 chemistry)
I wonder if these LiFePo4 cells really fulfil the Chinese requirements on volume density.