EvBatMon for Android devices


With a simple OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostic) adapter and this simple application installed in your Android device you can see a lot information about your electric car. It’s specially important to know the battery health.

Versions for the following EVs:

  1. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (available)
  2. Mistubishi i-MiEV (already in beta)
  3. Nissan Leaf (coming soon)
  4. Kia Soul EV (coming soon)


If you are thinking in buying an used Mitsubishi i-MiEV or even a French equivalent as the Citroen C-Zero or Peugeot iOn, this app is a must have, since the other well known app, the caniOn, doesn’t show the remaining battery capacity. The other advantage over caniOn is that EvBatMon is compatible with cheaper OBD2 devices.


EvBatMon for i-MiEV showing the remaining battery capacity


With the EvBatMon app it will be easier to compare the resistance of older LEV50 and newer LEV50N cells used in i-MiEV batteries.



More info:


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    1. Benjamin Nead with this app you’ll probably find out if your i-MiEV has the LEV50 or LEV50N cells.

      Let me know when you know it 🙂

  1. How to calculate your usable battery capacity with caniOn:

    1. Start driving with 100% charge.
    2. Stop at some point and take down SoC, Wh out and Wh reg, e.g. 75%, 4000 out, 700 reg.
    3. usable Wh=(Wh out – Wh reg)*(100%/(100%-SoC%))

    Example: usable capacity = 3300 * 4 = 13.2 kWh – This is the number the ECU and BMU use!

    Hope this helps 😉

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