BYD Qin EV is about to arrive



BYD will start selling the new EV this month.


BYD Qin plug-in hybrid is already a big success in China, now the full electric version is about to arrive.

Some characteristics can be revised, but this is what I could gather:

  1. 300 km range (probably NEDC)
  2. 37,7 kWh battery
  3. 0-100 km/h in 7,9 seconds
  4. 150 km/h is the top speed
  5. Electric motor with 160 kW / 218 HP
  6. The curb weight is around 1800 kg
  7. Price after subsidies in China is around 150.000 yuan (21.000 €)

Unlike the BYD e6, which is an inefficient, slow and heavy electric car, the BYD Qin is a car that could be successful in Europe and USA.

This month also marks the expansion of BYD out of China with the arrival of BYD e6 to South Korea. Later this year BYD’s electric cars will also reach some European countries like Germany and Austria. There are some rumors that the European version of the BYD e6 will also get the 160 kW motor, instead of the 90 kW that is currently sold in China.


BYD took it personally when test drivers complained that the BYD e6 is a dangerously slow car. The 90 kW electric motor has to move the 2.420 kg car. Because of this BYD made the Qin a very fast car.


Here is the BYD Qin plug-in hybrid drag racing:




More info:

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  1. sapcmc says:

    Like I say for some time. The Chinese will be the market selling leaders in 10-15 years for BEVs.

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