Second Gen Toyota Prius plug-in will arrive in September

Second Gen Toyota Prius plug-in


2016 is definitely the year of plug-in hybrids boom.


The first generation plug-in Prius was a joke regarding electric range, now the second generation is expected to at least offer 30 electric miles range (EPA).


This time the plug and plugless versions will be different.


Toyota PIP 2.0


If the new plug-in version looks like the one above, it definitely looks better than the regular 4th Gen Prius.

It would be great if Toyota surprised everybody and announce a fully electric version. A Toyota Prius BEV with a 40 kWh battery and 150 EPA miles range if priced right could be a serious rival to 200 miles range but more expensive BEVs like the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf 2.


Not to forget that September is also the arrival date of Hyundai IONIQ. We can expect the plug-in hybrid market to become very strong in the following months, specially now that German automakers are revealing new models every month.



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  1. sapcmc says:

    Toyota will shoot themselves in the foot if they do not come out with a full fledged BEV. The hydrogen Mirai is nothing but a stall tactics to appease big oil. However with Tesla and other car makers betting more and more in BEVs makers if are to survive long term have to follow the path or even innovate in the field with risk of extinction if fighting it.

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