Mitsubishi eX will be shown at Geneva International Motor Show

Mitsubishi eX concept in yellow

The all electric SUV will get a 45 kWh battery, probably made with 160 LEV75 cells.

Mitsubishi currently uses LEV75 cells in the batteries of electric cargo vans that are built for PSA French group. Citroรซn Berlingo Electric and Peugeot Partner Electric have 22,5 kWh batteries (80 x 75 Ah x 3,75 V). The Mitsubishi eX will get a 45 kWh battery, most likely by using groups of 2 LEV75 cells connected in parallel, acting each as a big 150 Ah cell.


MITSUBISHI ex Concept specifications

L x W x H (mm) 4240 x 1780 x 1575
Cruising range (JC08; km) 400
Max output F/R (kW) 70 / 70
Total battery capacity (kWh) 45
Drive battery Lithium-ion cells
Drivetrain Twin Motor 4WD


The battery has half the capacity of the battery used in Tesla Model X 90D, but Mitsubishi’s electric SUV should also be half the price.

The range in the real world should be between 200 and 250 km. If it supports 200 Amps fast charging and has a price similar to Outlander PHEV, it can be successful. Both SUVs would complement each other very well.

Only when GS Yuasa announces a battery production increase, we can expect more electric cars from Mitsubishi. Until then we’ll only get to see cool concept cars like Mitsubishi eX or the new CA-MiEV.

Bring it already Mitsubishi!



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. Iโ€™m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

If anything it’ll be one of the sickest looking cars they’ve ever made!