The new Chevrolet Volt is coming to Europe after all…

Chevrolet Volt


Opel Ampera 2 will come to Europe.


When there was none to little hope in getting the second generation Volt in Europe, Chevrolet surprise us.

A camouflaged Chevrolet Volt 2 was seen with some modifications that suggest it’s an European version of the car. Australia might get it too.

Beside replacing the Chevrolet’s logo with the one of Opel, maybe Chevrolet will take this opportunity to make minor changes to the car that would make it much more appealing. Like a faster internal charger and adding CCS for DC fast charging. We’ll see…

The spy shots have copyright logos in them, so if you want to see them check the links below.

Americans will be jealous of this version without the ugly fake grill that GM insists to put in their plug-in cars. In the other hand, we might get a much higher price tag as usual…



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