Hyundai Ioniq powertrain


Activate the English subs for more info.


My thoughts on the video:

  1. The shape and placement of the two batteries allows better car’s aerodynamics, since they aren’t under the passenger’s feet, the vehicle’s height is kept as low as possible. On the other hand, a skateboard approach (like Tesla Motors) would allow more battery cells.
  2. The estimated 25-30 kWh total battery’s capacity is lower than expected. I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t at least 40 kWh.
  3. Charging inlet in the front of the car is a good choice since it’s the most convenient location.
  4. The predicted range of about 130 km without the heater on is great for a plugin hybrid but it isn’t acceptable for an battery electric car in 2016.


Since the Hyundai Ioniq will be unveiled next month in South Korea, we’ll have more details then.

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