Volkswagen’s electric cars with more range in 2016

Volkswagen’s plans for battery evolution


In 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf will match Nissan Leaf 30 kWh range.


More than one year has passed since I first saw the picture above published in and now I have news.

sapcmc of the Portuguese forum asked Volkswagen’s client support if a battery upgrade for e-Golf is planned.

The reply was yes, 68 Ah cells will be used in the new battery.

If the picture of the Volkswagen’s range increase prediction is correct, there’s a confusion and the new cells are half of 68 Ah. The 264 cells with 34 Ah will give e-Golf a 33 kWh battery and the same range of the Nissan Leaf with the 30 kWh battery.

If the new cells are really 68 Ah, the battery should lose the 264 cell configuration. For simplicity’s sake I prefer a battery pack with fewer cells, but each cell with more capacity.

I don’t know if the next battery will keep using Sanyo/Panasonic cells or change to LG Chem. Sooner or later a change to LG Chem will happen since Volkswagen already signed a contract with this cell maker.

In 2016 cheaper versions of Volkswagen e-Up should arrive. I wouldn’t be surprised if Skoda e-Citigo and Seat e-Mii were priced between 15.000 € and 18.000 €. Volkswagen e-Up will be a bit more expensive, but probably below 20.000 €. Twingo ZE and Smart ForFour ED will be here at the same time. But this is only speculation on my part.



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