Nissan e-NV200 and Renault Kangoo ZE upgrades in 2016

Renault Kangoo ZE


What will 2016 bring for electric vans?


Renault Kangoo ZE will have its internal charger upgraded to 22 kW by using the same charging system of Renault Zoe R240. I expect to see Renault announcing it in March 2016 at Geneva International Motor Show. A bigger battery will also come soon or later.

Regarding Nissan, many people were surprised that the new 30 kWh battery for the Nissan Leaf wasn’t also announced for the e-NV200. I see it as an opportunity for Nissan upgrade the van’s battery from 24 kWh to 48 kWh. Nissan already has 48 kWh battery with the same size of the 24 kWh. It’s just a matter of wanting to use them. Later we’ll probably see the second generation Leaf’s battery with 60 kWh also being used in the e-NV200.


Either Kangoo ZE or e-NV200 with 200 km real range would be great for postal services or taxis fleets.

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    Hi Pedro, I see some inaccurate info here. Email me, let’s talk ^^

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