2016 Nissan Leaf 30 kWh is now being delivered

Nissan Leaf in white


Some lucky buyers are already driving the new longer range Nissan Leaf.


USA seems to be the first country to get the new Leaf with longer range.

The first tests with Leaf Spy point to a battery with around 28,5 kWh usable capacity. This could mean the total capacity is more than the advertised 30 kWh.

The tested Leaf drawn 106,5 amps with 49,8 % of SOC at a CHAdeMO quick charger. Maybe it’s the fact that the battery isn’t cooled that prevents the Leaf to reach CHAdeMO’s limit of 125 amps.

With 28,5 kWh of usable capacity, a 200 km range will be not hard to achieve. Bravo Nissan!

With the introduction of the first Nissan Leaf, Nissan set the standard for most electric cars. Now Nissan sets the standard again.

A triple digit EPA range is now the minimum acceptable.

Your move Volkswagen and BMW. Time for battery upgrades.



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