Nissan IDS Concept

Nissan IDS concept car

Nissan praises this new car mostly because of its autonomous drive technology. For me what’s more important is that this EV is probably the second generation Nissan Leaf.


Chevrolet Bolt meet your adversary.


Nissan IDS concept car

Nissan IDS concept car


Good looking with low weight and great aerodynamics is a winning formula for an electric car success.

This concept car has a full-carbon-fiber body that probably won’t make it into production because of high costs. But there are more ways to reduce the weight and the improved aerodynamics will make it more efficient than the current Nissan Leaf, specially in high speeds.

The 60 kWh battery will double the highest battery capacity of the first generation Leaf. If this car can weigh less than the first generation Leaf we can expect the EPA range to improve a lot. Considering that the first generation Leaf with a 30 kWh battery has an EPA range of 107 miles (172 km), I expect the second generation will at least double it, meaning 214 miles (344 km).

For me it’s obvious that if the Chevrolet Bolt has the same battery capacity, it will have less range, because it’s a “fat” car, its aerodynamics aren’t great. To have the same range of this second generation Leaf it will have to get a battery with more capacity. Not likely.

With the Chevrolet Bolt production scheduled for October 2016, Nissan will have to launch its new EV before.

The production second generation Nissan Leaf will probably be unveiled at Geneva International Motor Show in March 2016. After its introduction it will have to be on sale as soon as possible to not undermine the current Leaf’s sales. If they can’t they must at least launch a 48 kWh battery for the current generation Leaf to gain time. This 48 kWh battery can also be used as entry level for the new Leaf.



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