Panasonic is betting all in batteries for electric cars

Panasonic battery pack made with 18650 cylindrical cells


For Panasonic there is no doubt about electric cars bright future.


Panasonic acquired SANYO Electric in 2010 and has now closed its Beijing factory.

Why? Because Panasonic is allocating all resources available to produce electric car’s batteries.

SANYO’s Beijing factory was dedicated to make batteries for small devices like tablets, digital cameras or smartphones. These type of batteries are no longer a priority for Panasonic.

The Gigafactory that is being built by Tesla Motors and Panasonic is now the main focus.

Panasonic has the advantage of being the battery supplier of Tesla Motors. This is the only big automaker that has a real interest in selling electric cars, because they are all they make.

Unfortunately LG Chem and Samsung SDI are making batteries for automakers that don’t have a real interest in the electric car’s revolution, at least not yet. Maybe they should start building their own electric cars…



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