Citroen C-Zero price drop in Spain

Citroen C-Zero publicity


If you live in Spain you can now get a new electric car for 13.375 €.


This new price includes Plan MOVELE 2015 (governmental incentive) and you have to finance the car with a minimum amount of 6.000 € with PSA Financial Services Spain. Without this loan the price rises to 14.575 €.

The price drop isn’t huge because after incentives the price was already at 16.500 €.



We can expect more price drops in other European countries for the triplets.

In my opinion the price drop is necessary but by itself is not enough to make these cars attractive. Mitsubishi and PSA should offer the option of a bigger battery, if the current battery supplier (GS Yuasa) can’t do it, maybe they should look elsewhere (LG Chem or Samsung SDI).



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