Chevrolet Spark EV on sale in Mexico

2015 Chevrolet Spark EV

The price is $499,000 (mexican pesos) or about 26.582 € at the current exchange rate.

The 2015 MY has a 18,4 kWh LG battery that provides an EPA range of 132 km.

The electric version of the Spark still uses the old body style. The gas 2016 Spark has a new body style that looks a little better. This indicates that Spark EV will probably be relegated to a minor role in GM’s electrification strategy, now that the Chevy Bolt is just a year away.

Yet this is one car that I would like to see in Europe and shouldn’t be forgotten. It could be a great partner of the upcoming Bolt and expand the electric car’s offer.

Since Chevrolet decided to leave Europe, Opel should rebrand it and sell it here.



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  1. a friend was just in Cancun and saw a SPARK EV on the rod there and was very surprised. Who would know they are in Mexico. They are my favorite in the USA.

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