The electric revolution is starting in China

BYD e5


BYD e5 has arrived to Chinese roads!


At least 16.631 plug-in cars were delivered last month in China.

Since BYD focus lately has been plug-in hybrids, it’s good to see the introduction of BYD e5 full electric car.

I remember a Chinese industry minister saying that China was very behind in ICE (internal combustion engine) cars. The only way to surpass Japanese and European automakers would be electric cars. At the time those words seemed serious and China is now leading the electric car revolution, the question now is when will it arrive to the rest of the World.

lt’s critical that the electric car’s revolution is followed by a revolution in renewable energy production. They only make sense when combined.

I’m confident that in 2016 BYD will start selling their electric cars to private buyers in USA and Europe.



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