Renault Zoe R240 is back

Renault Zoe in white

Now that Renault fixed the charging unit problems, 1.001 Zoe were sold in France in September, a big increase considering only 332 were sold in August.

In this month of October we will have many R240 arriving the UK, Norway and Germany. It will be a good month of sales, considering the limitations that Renault imposes to itself.

The Zoe R240 is one of my favourite electric cars, it’s a shame that Renault doesn’t seem interested in selling it. By making the battery lease mandatory in most European countries, it destroys one of the electric car greatest benefits, low running costs. It also makes the process of owning a car more complex and time consuming since Renault makes you insure the battery apart from the car. You’ll be paying two insurances, one for the car and another for the battery.


Now that GM revealed how much the cost per kWh is for the LG Chem cells, Renault should allow the option to get the battery for 4.900 € more and avoid all the costs and complications of the battery lease. And I’m still waiting for Twingo ZE, with its rear wheel drive it will be an awesome car to drive.

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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6 years ago

ZOE could be a major hit if it stopped that foolish battery lease plan… The argument that they are leased to protect the client, due to batteries instability and immature technology, is rather obsolete and almost offensive to technology-aware consumers :/

mr. M
6 years ago

The battery cost will be above 6000 € because it is/was bigger than the Leaf battery and the Leaf battery retails at 6000€.

The 145$/kWh only apply for the Bolt, because LG practically builds half the car. It is speculated, that the 145/kWh are close to producing cost. If you want to buy batteries alone, LG Chem requests a price between 2-3 times the 145$/kWh. If you assume Renault gets batteries for 290€/kWh, the 27kWh battery of the Zoe will cost 7.830€.