LG Chem will build batteries for EVs in Europe

Renault Zoe powered by LG Chem cells


LG Chem is serious about electric cars.


LG Chem already has the capacity to produce annually 200.000 batteries in Ochang (South Korea) and 50.000 in Michigan (USA). Next year a factory will open in China capable to produce 100.000 batteries per year.

Now LG Chem is looking for a suitable site in Europe to produce annually 50.000 batteries. The company already builds LCD screens in their manufacturing plant in Wroclaw (Poland) and might expand the factory’s facilities for battery production.


“A factory in Europe will help us reduce logistics costs and increase supplies to the European market.”


LG Chem will soon reach an annual production capacity of 400.000 batteries for electric cars.

The production in Europe will be mainly used by Renault and Daimler. Volkswagen may also change from Sanyo/Panasonic to LG Chem batteries.



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