LG Chem and GM: $145/kWh Cell Cost

LG Chem and GM: $145/kWh Cell Cost
Projected LG Chem battery cell cost

I already wrote about the battery high price myth. It’s a great myth to use when you don’t want to sell electric cars. People will be afraid of the cost of replacing the battery of an already expensive car.

There’s another reason I forgot to mention. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has the objective to get $125/kWh at the cell level. To help achieving this objective, funds are available to cell makers. When this goal is reached, the funding stops.

This is also a big reason for the price per kWh remain secret and when divulged is highly inflated. Notice how in the cell cost chart it remains a long time in $145 and only drops to $120 in 2020? Coincidence? Maybe…



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