Renault Zoe R240 deliveries delay

Renault Zoe R240 deliveries delay
Renault Zoe black

Renault detected defective parts in the charger unit that caused problems when charging. The contract with the supplier of those defective parts was cancelled and now the problem is solved.

It was a step back for this great car. But deliveries are now starting again and we should expect a comeback regarding sales in this month of September.


The alliance Renault-Nissan will soon have two great offers regarding electric cars. The 30 kWh Nissan Leaf with 250 km NEDC range and Renault Zoe R240 with 240 km NEDC range. Better than that only Tesla Motors electric cars, but they have a very different price tag.

I’m very curious to see who will react faster. BMW or Volkswagen? NEDC range below 200 km is so last year.

Kia should also increase the production of theirΒ Soul EV.

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5 years ago

Hello, I am a fan of your site and Zoe information is quite interesting to me. It’d be very synergetic if we can share some ideas or information regarding Zoe and Zoe battery (Since we supply battery to Renault..). Please give me a reply if you are interested.

Chris w
4 years ago

I ordered an r240 Zoe early September 2015, which was meant to be delivered about now, but according to the dealer’s computer the car is still in production and won’t be here until January 2016 at the earliest. The comment above is the first explanation I’ve seen as to why there is a delay, but I would rather have a car that works properly late than a faulty car on time

Ralf K
4 years ago

>> Better than that are only Tesla Motors electric cars, but
>> they have a very different price tag.

A Twike has an enormous electric range (even more than Tesla) , it’s just not considered as a ‘car’ by many customers.
See this for reference:
Those prices are for the battery alone, add 22k EUR for the vehicle. With only about 4-5 kWh/100 km a 22 kWh battery suddenly is good for quite some range (around 500 km a charge). So a Twike tackles range by matters of efficiency, not by matters of monstrous batteries. The basis is the same however: 18650 cells (my guess looking at their pics). But with only 2,2Ah per cell (calculated) in a Twike battery, they leave quite some room for improvement.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ralf K

Ralf unfortunately the Twike is a trike done in the bad way. The good way is a reverse trike, with two wheels in front giving direction and one on the back. Having just one wheel in front and two wheels on the back pushing forward makes the vehicle very unstable when changing direction. Rollovers are frequent.

But I also think electric cars could be much more efficient, without the need of big batteries. The Opel Rak-e is my dream car. A small 20 kWh battery would give it a 300-400 km range.