Renault starts selling Zoe’s battery for 7.000 €

Renault Zoe


If your Renault dealer doesn’t sell you a Zoe with battery included, go and try another one.


Officially only in UK and Norway you can buy a Renault Zoe complete with battery and avoid, what I and many people believe is the scam of a lifetime battery lease.

Renault dealers all over Europe still have orders to try to convince you to choose the battery lease, but if you insist that you want to buy the battery they can now sell it for 7.000 € + VAT. They now prefer to sell the battery than to lose the client to BMW or Volkswagen for example.


In my country, Portugal, you will get prices for the Zoe R240 with battery included that can vary a lot from dealer to dealer. It’s easy to send a couple of emails to a dozen of dealers before choosing the best offer. The price variations will only end when the price is official in Renault’s website.

I think that the battery is overpriced, in Portugal with 23 % VAT it costs 8.610 €. The Nissan Leaf with battery included only costs 5.900 € more than the one with the battery lease. Yet, it is good news to be able to avoid the battery lease when buying a Renault’s electric car.

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