BMW i3 possible battery upgrade soon

BMW i3 white

There were rumors in forum about a battery upgrade for the BMW i3 that would be available in early 2016. But now Samsung SDI may unintentionally confirmed that these rumors were true.

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Samsung SDI showed a 94 Ah cell that seems to be the same size of the 60 Ah that is now used in the BMW i3.


Samsung SDI stand


The new 30 kWh battery for the MY 2016 Nissan Leaf can make BMW introduce this upgrade sooner than it was planned. It could mean an EPA range increase from 81 miles to 127 miles (208 km). The Ragone Curve and battery weight can influence this range increase prediction.

Volkswagen should also increase the range of e-Golf and e-Up pretty soon.




We got an official confirmation that the new battery for the BMW i3 is coming soon, this information came from a Portuguese BMW dealer.



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