Second Gen Toyota PIP will be revealed at NYAS

Second Gen Toyota PIP


Sales start in September.


The NY Auto Show starts in just 9 days and Toyota will take the opportunity to unveil the second generation plug-in Prius.

The teaser shown above almost confirms that the previous leaked image shown below is correct.


This is the probable Toyota PIP 2.0


In Europe sales are expected to start in September, this is what Toyota’s official websites in Europe suggest.

Given the popularity of the Prius brand in eco conscious drivers, the new PIP will be a success even if Toyota doesn’t try very hard to sell it.

If the new powertrain proves to be reliable maybe Toyota will make plug-in versions of other hybrids like the Auris or Yaris. Given that the Yaris and Auris are made in Europe they would be much more affordable than the Prius that is made only in Japan. Putting a plug in an already hybrid car is the most logic thing to do.

In 2017 maybe Toyota will take the next step and make full electric versions of their hybrids, but this is only wishful thinking for now. The Toyota Yaris EV is a car that I would consider to buy.



More info:

Pedro Lima

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3 Responses

  1. Bret says:

    Hopefully, it will have more than 11 miles of range. The PIP is almost worthless as a plug-in.

  2. Ralf K says:

    > The Toyota Yaris EV is a car that I would consider to buy.

    Which would probably be similar to a Renault Zoe ZE – in size, shape, range. With Zoe so cheap, good EU quick charging and being available used with no battery trouble due to the battery leasing program, I see limited interest in a Yaris EV. Unless however, Toyota would price its Yaris EV competitively. 🙂

    > Hopefully, it will have more than 11 miles of range. The PIP is almost worthless as a plug-in.

    Rumors on the second link above (inside ev) speculate about double the range: 22 miles EPA.

    • Pedro Lima says:

      I actually think that the mandatory battery leasing does a lot of damage in sales. Paying for the battery lease makes it more expensive to run than a Clio. It should be optional like Nissan.

      I agree that the Yaris EV would be the direct rival of Zoe, that’s not a bad thing since the Zoe was the most sold EV in Europe last year. Toyota is known for building very reliable cars, unlike Renault unfortunately.

      By the way, Toyota has plans of selling this year an EV based in old Yaris in China, it’s called Leahead i1 EV:

      Regarding the new Toyota PIP the EV range will surely be between 20 and 30 miles, nothing amazing but it will be enough to put it on the plug-in podium considering the popularity of Toyota’s hybrids.

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